SpecTraining Pty Ltd was officially formed on the 22nd of August 2008, by brothers Terry and Dan Hill.


Both Terry and Dan believe that training, course development and learning resources, should be of the highest quality and standard. This belief informs the company's simple but powerful mission.


Our Mission:


To deliver the highest quality outcomes for our students and stakeholders by delivering personalised, flexible and industry-relevant training.


SpecTraining's values:


  • Flexibility - what do I need to do to make this work?

  • Attentiveness - I am open to all stakeholder feedback

  • Engagement - I help my team and customers when I am able

  • Integrity - I follow through on my word

  • Accountability - I take personal responsibility for the outcomes I can influence

SpecTraining's Objectives:


  • Stand out from our competitors by providing quality training, learning products, and specialised client services.

  • Remain focused on the end results for our clients through a collaborative project-based approach.

  • Demonstrate the importance of diversity in all aspects of our business by encouraging input and participation from all stakeholders.

  • Respect the individuality of students by providing one-on-one coaching, where required, for all learners.

  • To continually develop the skills and competencies of staff, directors and our network of qualified contractors by providing ongoing professional development opportunities.


SpecTraining's focus:


The company's main focus is on training delivery for education, corporate and government clients. Though in recent years we have successfully extended our accredited training offerings to the public.


Developing useful, high quality and timely content is one of SpecTraining's key competencies. This started with the development of Certificate and Diploma-level learner guides and assessments across business, WHS and project management disciplines, which later progressed to the creation of intelligence analyst courses and online university study guides.


SpecTraining utilises a network of skilled writers, instructional designers, assessors and trainers, who are chosen for their experience and level of expertise. In partnership with other accredited and established VET providers, SpecTraining provides a wide range of nationally accredited training from Certificate IV Diploma-level courses.


Through its network of graduates and industry specialists, SpecTraining also provides short-term contract trainer support to assist organisations in delivering training and workplace assessment.

Social purpose and responsibility:

SpecTraining is aware of social and environmental impacts of its work. Our purpose includes the training and accreditation of people in workplaces across all industry sectors. As such, we value the contribution of all our stakeholders in the continuous improvement of our systems and processes; with the aim to improve outcomes for individuals, their workplaces, communities and the greater environment. 

SpecTraining demonstrates this value by reducing paper-based waste where possible, encouraging the use of technology to limit travel, offering personalised support to contextualise training to best suit the needs of the individual or corporate client, offering non-profit and returned veteran discounts, and encouraging life-long learning opportunities free (or discounted) to past students. 


Enterprise and organisational HR training support:


SpecTraining's academically qualified and experienced staff are able to provide initial training studies and training needs analysis for your organisation. As a fully compliant RTO, SpecTraining understands the need for training organisations and education publishers to provide up-to-date programs and resources for students.


SpecTraining provides full development services to move your training from a series of modules to a fully integrated, seamless training experience for your customers - whether they are your staff, external students or client organisations. If you require any training-related writing, delivery or consultancy services not shown here, please contact us with your requirements.

Why choose SpecTraining?

We wouldn't want to engage a training organisation without a history of proven outcomes, and neither should you. 

Since 2008, we have planned, designed and trained thousands of staff across dozens of organisations, ranging from energy and mining companies, through to education providers, public service and small business owners. We regularly present at conferences, industry meetings and at professional development events for a number of training organisations. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you or your staff gain the necessary credentials to improve employability and performance.

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