Language, Literacy and Numeracy professionals

This skill set covers three units of competency and is the industry-accepted starting  point for adult LLN professionals. This would apply to people training in the new job market, job placement, corrective services, Human Resources and a range of government agencies. 

Training and Assessment Courses

Learn the processes and procedures of a highly skilled vocational practitioner.  Link the content and assessments to your existing practice and apply what you learn to your career. This unit is a 'practitioners' qualification - meant for those who are currently working in the VET space.

The industry benchmark in vocational training and assessment covers 10 units of competency in training design, training delivery and vocational assessment, along with a unit dedicated to working with language, literacy and numeracy skills in educational settings. 

Learn the practical skills of training and presenting with this two day skill set. From planning and preparation, through to using questioning techniques to influence your audience. This program is perfect for people training or presenting in non-accredited fields, or those starting out in accredited training. 

This skill set - covering four units of competency - is an industry standard for vocational trainers employed to deliver accredited and non-accredited training in their workplace. The enterprise skill set can be combined with other units towards completing a full Certificate IV in training and assessment.

Learn the neuroscientific, psychological and education research that underpins great teaching and training. This program also covers the use of Zoom tools and techniques in teaching, along with questioning and active listening skills to help you create unforgettable training sessions. 

Business Leadership Courses

The latest in leadership and management principles, techniques and knowledge are covered in this three by three day (9 in total) program focused on real-world applications. Updated for 2021, you'll receive up to date materials, learn current concepts used in the business world, and apply a number of workplace projects to hone your skills. 

This unique program is designed to apply all of the project management skills and knowledge areas to several case studies in order to complete a highly practical outcome. Graduating from the Cert IV, you will be able to enrol in the Diploma with several credits zin order to cement your learning and gain two highly recognised qualifications along the way

A practical course that takes the skills and knowledge learnt at the Cert IV level and applies them to the management of projects. The outcomes of the course include the completion of two full scale projects.

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