Address adult language, literacy and numeracy issues


How to measure and determine Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills for your training.

What is the ACSF? 


The Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) is a comprehensive tool designed to assist both specialist and non-specialist English language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) practitioners describe an individual’s performance in the five core skills of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy.


It provides a consistent national approach to identifying and developing the core skills in three diverse contexts;


  • personal and community;

  • workplace and employment;

  • and education and training.



In particular, it offers:


  1. shared concepts and language for identifying, describing and discussing the core skills

  2. a systematic approach to benchmarking, monitoring and reporting on core skills performance.



The ACSF has broad applications and can be used to:


  1. assess and benchmark an individual’s core skills performance

  2. describe core skills relevant to the workplace and employment

  3. map curricula

  4. tailor approaches to teaching and learning

  5. inform decisions regarding funding and referrals.


Source for this information is from www.education.gov.au 


LLN Assessment scenario 


Addressing LLN requires that you first evaluate a candidate and your training products. The scenario below has been designed to provide you with a realistic evaluation subject, Janine. Click the button to review the scenario when prompted during your assessment.


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