Advanced facilitation skills

Your personal philosophy

Dan Hill, August 2020


Though it may sound unintuitive, the starting point to becoming a powerful trainer and facilitator is not practice. It's actually forming your own philosophy towards teaching. Having this clear set of principles and practices sets the foundations for your professional growth.


This video talks you through the process of developing your philosophy. 

The 3 levels of Trainer Competence

Based on the work of Ingrid Bens 2005


What level are you? And how can you recognise areas of growth and improvement? This video shares the three levels of faciliators. 

Level 1:

  • You understand the core principles, models and concepts of faciliation

  • You can manage your group and conduct useful discussions

  • You know when to make decisions, how to summarise key learning points, and generally monitor group performance and attitude. 


Watch the video for more about Levels 2 and 3.

Gamify your classroom


Dan Hill July 2016


There's a lot to be said about the information age, but one little outcome has been the emergence of the term "gamification". But the principle and basis of the term are grounded in much older ideas.


People are more engaged when they are challenged with the subject in front of them. But only if there's something 'in it' for them. It comes down to basic reward behaviour.


This video looks at what gamification is NOT and why it works.

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