This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to present and negotiate persuasively, lead and participate in meetings and make presentations to customers, clients and other key stakeholders. The elements of this unit are described below. Read through each element to consider how you might achieve these outcomes. 

Identify communication requirements in your workplace

  • Confirm your authority to present material on behalf of your organisation or work area. Ensure everything is done according to your organisations policies and procedures

  • Identify information that may be subject to confidentiality and manage this information appropriately

  • Identify the information needs of your audience and prepare a position in line with the purpose of your communication

Negotiate to achieve the agreed outcome

  • Identify the objectives of any negotiation. Ensure you consider the needs and requirements of your stakeholders

  • Identify and document the potential issues and problems related to the negotiation

  • Prepare your position and supporting arguments according to your objectives

  • Communicate with stakeholders to establish areas of common ground and potential compromise

  • Confirm and document the outcomes of your negotiation

Participate in and lead meetings effectively

  • Identify the need for a meeting and scheduled according to the availability or your stakeholders

  • Prepare the meeting materials and distribute them to stakeholders in a timely manner

  • Conduct the meeting and contribute to discussions 

  • Seek consensus on meeting objectives

  • Summarise the outcomes of your meetings and distribute them to the attendees and other stakeholders

Make effective presentations

  • Identify forums for your presentation in line with organisational objectives

  • Determine the tone, structure, style of communication, and presentation according to your target audience

  • Prepare the presentation according to your desired outcomes

  • Provide an opportunity for your audience to ask questions

  • Follow up with your stakeholders following the presentation 

  • Evaluate the presentation and identify areas for improvement

BSBCMM511 - Communicate with influence

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