BSBLDR523 Lead & manage effective workplace relationships

Managing ideas & information

Develop a process whereby issues are raised and resolved promptly. Consider consulting with your team members regularly to establish a common understanding of individual and team  purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

The steps to resolving a workplace conflict

Establishing trust and confidence

Gaining and maintaining trust requires a consistent effort. It can be established by continuously demonstrating honesty, integrity, listening skills, clear & positive  communication, avoiding blame, speaking as 'we' not 'I' - and abiding by your organisation's values (all the time!)

Potential causes of conflict, and what a good leader must be able to identify quickly

Developing networks

Networks can include external groups such as Meet Ups, LinkedIn, and professional institutions; and internal groups such as working groups, functional groups, and even social groups. 

If you haven't already, get on board with a number of internal and external groups

Fundamental actions for dealing with performance issues

Dealing with a personality clash in the workplace