BSBLDR523 Lead & manage effective workplace relationships

How to reach consensus

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage effective workplace relationships. 

It applies to people in leadership or management positions who have a prominent role in establishing and managing processes and procedures to support workplace relationships. This refers to people who apply the values, goals and cultural diversity policies of their organisation. They use complex and diverse methods and procedures as well as a range of problem solving and decision making strategies, which require the exercise of considerable discretion and judgement.

Establish effective workplace relationship processes 

  • Identify required processes for workplace collaboration according to organisational policies and procedures 

  • Develop consultation processes for employees to contribute to issues related to their work role

  • Develop processes for conflict management 

  • Develop processes for escalated issues or refer to relevant personnel

Manage effective workplace relationships 

  • Delegate and confirm responsibilities for fulfilling work tasks 

  • Collaborate and support team to perform work tasks 

  • Identify and address issues in workplace relationships according to processes established 

  • Monitor and communicate to employees outcomes of conflict management 

  • Review management of workplace relationships 

Seek feedback on the management of workplace relationships

  • Evaluate feedback for improvements to leadership style 

  • Identify areas of improvement for future workplace relations leadership

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