BSBOPS502 Manage business operational plans

Managing an operations plan is the first part of your 'Business Leadership' cluster. The cluster includes project management, communicate with influence and managing meetings. We have provided a number of different resources for you - but we encourage you to look beyond this and research your own organisation, its customers and its supply chains. Understanding business is a multi-level and multi-disciplined endeavour. We're excited to have you join with us on your journey!

Establish operational plan

  • Research, analyse and document resource requirements 

  • Develop operational plan in consultation with, and with approval from, relevant stakeholders 

  • Develop contingencies for operational plan 

  • Explain plan to relevant work teams 

Manage resource acquisition

  • Confirm that employees are recruited and inducted according to the organisation’s human resources management policies, practices and procedures

  • Confirm that physical resources and services are acquired according to the organisation’s policies, practices and procedures 

  • Identify and incorporate requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities related to acquisition of resources

3. Monitor and review operational performance

  • Assess progress of operational plan in achieving profit and productivity plans and targets

  • Identify areas of under-performance, recommend solutions and rectify the situation

  • Plan and implement relevant processes for ongoing monitoring and confirm that support is provided for individuals and teams 

  • Negotiate recommendations for variations to operational plans and gain approval from designated persons