1. Training Needs Analysis


You can make sure your organisation has the right skills and knowledge to get the job done, by undertaking a training needs analysis (TNA). SpecTraining has conducted TNAs for organisations including Virgin Australia, Powerlink Queensland, and the Australian Defence Force. The TNA helps you identify the right skills and knowledge for your staff and therefore, the correct training to meet those needs.

2. Training Plans


Once you have decided on the training, then what? Spectraining can provide a professional training plan that is designed to provide the baseline and reference for your training system (which can include - but is not limited to - the schedule, costs, resources and outcomes). A professionally designed document sets the direction for all involved.


3. Individual Coaching


Do you have a staff member who could benefit from some focused attention and assistance? Spectraining can organise one-on-one coaching with industry professionals in business and education. Spectraining has qualified and experienced coaches, who can work with your individual staff member to achieve their full potential.

4. Moderation and Validation


It's helpful to know there's someone who can do some of the heavy lifting. Spectraining can provide guided assessment validation and moderation services across a number of industry sectors including; retail, mining, business, vocational training, finance, tourism and hospitality. 

If you deliver accredited and/or non-accredited training, you will know that assessment is vital for measuring the success of your participants.




Groups (minimum of 8 participants) can be scheduled at a time and place appropriate to your training requirements.

Individual training can be accessed via the distance/blended modules, at any time. 

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