We believe an essential part of gaining a qualification is our ability to continue to apply and develop our skills and knowledge long after the assessments are complete. This devotion to our craft is called 'mastery';  and celebrated author, Daniel Pink, believes it is the inevitable destination of what he calls motivation 3.0 - our desire to fulfil a meaningful purpose. Because we are so dedicated to the profession of vocational training and assessment - we wanted to team up with the right partner to offer our graduates the opportunity to grow well beyond the final assessment. 

The Institute for Learning Professionals not only offers coaching and mentoring sessions and networking opportunities, but a host of superb pathways to master your chosen profession. As a SpecTraining graduate, you will receive an $85 discount on a professional membership, plus a $10 voucher to the ILP trainers resource shop. 


As Fellows of the Institute, you may even run into us there at one of the many events held throughout the year.

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