Design and develop learning resources

Framing the resource

The first step in creating the initial draft of the learning resource is a consultation with the client to double-check the format and content that is required. There may be instances when an organisation’s priorities have changed, or additional requirements have been identified. A consultation prior to drafting the resource ensures that all aspects of the organisation’s needs and expectations are met.

The next step is to outline the resource. This involves developing headings, subheadings and a rough outline of what each section is to contain. When producing the materials for a unit of competency you might use its elements as section headings and its performance criteria for learning outcomes and subheadings. You might then include required skills and knowledge as well as relevant range statement information under the sub-heading and make notes on possible content for each subheading. An example of such a framework is shown in Element 3 of this subject in your Textbook.

Alternatively, if you are producing a learning resource based on organisational or industry codes of practice:

  • analyse the specification of the content and information you need to provide

  • sequence the information into a logical flow or series of events and tasks

  • develop headings and subheadings based on the sequence you have designed

  •  provide an overview of the contents to be included under each heading.

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